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Students’ FAQs on Virtual Fair:

1. What exactly do you mean by “Virtual Fair” and whom is it meant for?

The European Higher Education Virtual Fair India 2019 provides an online platform to higher education institutions based in the European Union Member States to reach out to the students and academic community in India through web-presence, and webinars. The Virtual Fair simulates a real life conversation and dialogue between European universities and Indian students without either side having to provide physical presence. The EHEVF provides a real value addition to the students by giving them the opportunity to talk with authorised representatives of leading universities from across Europe and learn about higher education opportunities in Europe.

The EHEVF comprises of two parts:

Web-portal: Information from all participating EU universities has been made available on their respective pages on the EHEVF website which is available at: Students can access these pages to find out about the subjects and courses offered, tuition fees and living expenses, scholarships and other relevant information.

Webinars: A 2-day webinar series is being organised as part of the EHEVF 2019, on November 14 & 15, 2019. To access the schedule of seminars, please click here

The seminars are organized subject wise such that each session consists of around 30 minutes each dedicated to an institution offering that particular course. Students can access these webinars from the comfort of their homes or hostel and without having to spend any money whatsoever.

In addition to subject-wise webinars, there will also be country sessions which will be taken by the respective country representatives. Similarly, there will be a number of thematic sessions on topics like Scholarships to study in the EU, Visa for international students, Mobility and Scholarships (like Erasmus+) & Fellowships available.

2. Which European countries are participating in the EHEVF 2019?

The following countries, all members of the European Union, are participating in the EHEVF India 2019:

Czechia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

3. Which European universities and higher education institutions (HEIs) are participating in the EHEVF 2019?

The list is given below:

Participants for the European Higher Education Virtual Fair 2019

S. No EU Higher Education Institution EUMS
1.        City Unity College Nicosia Cyprus
2.        Tallinn University (15.11 S:A) Estonia
3.        Tallinn University (15.11 S:B) Estonia
4.        University of Tartu Estonia
5.        Tallinn University of Technology Estonia
6.        University of Tartu Estonia
7.        University of Turku Finland
8.        Tampere University of Applied Sciences Finland
9.        Centria University of Applied Sciences Finland
10.    Groupe ESC Clermont France
11.    IESEG School of Management France
12.    ISEP (Institut Supérieur d'électronique de Paris) France
14.    University of Applied Sciences Europe Germany
15.    SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences Germany
16.    University of Pécs Hungary
17.    University of Debrecen Hungary
18.    Dublin City University Ireland
19.    Politecnico di Milano Italy
20.    Liepaja University Latvia
21.    Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Lithuania
22.    Mykolas Romeris University Lithuania
23.    Siauliai University Lithuania
24.    University of Malta Malta
25.    University Of Twente Netherlands
26.    Radboud University Netherlands
27.    Lazarski University Poland
28.    Vistula University Poland
29.    Cracow University of Technology Poland
30.    University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business Slovenia
31.    Linköping University Sweden
32.    Jönköping University Sweden
33.    Linnaeus University Sweden
34.    Stockholm University Sweden
35.    Harper Adams University United Kingdom
36.    University of St Andrews United Kingdom

4. Who can attend the Virtual Fair?

This virtual fair is for students and professionals who want to go for higher education to the European Union member countries. We also encourage parents, teachers, educationists and everyone else interested in knowing about opportunities to study in Europe.

5. Do I have to prepare for the Fair and is there anything I need to do to attend the fair?

You don't have to make any particular preparations except Register for the fair if you have not already done so. Please register by clicking the link here: -

Once you have registered, please look at the schedule of webinars here:

You can add the webinars of your choice to your calendar and login on the date and time of your preferred webinar to attend the same. You can attend as many webinars as you like.

6. What is the technical preparation I have to do to attend the webinar?

There is no preparation needed except that you should click on the webinar link a few minutes before the start of the session so that you are sure the webinar solution (ClickMeeting) gets downloaded on your system. It is a browser-based platform. Please use the latest versions of browsers such as Google Chrome/ Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge, Operaetc. For hardware, regular office desktops or laptops in use these days are fine. Operating systems such as Windows 8 (Windows 10 recommended), Mac OS 10.13 (the newest version recommended), Linux, Chrome OS are fine. For hardware, 2 GHz dual-core processor or better (4-core preferable)&2 GB of RAM (4 GB or more recommended) are fine. In case you have disallowed Adobe Flash Players to run on your system, you will be asked to allow it. Please allow it.

In order to use the service (including participating in conferences) on certain mobile devices, it may be necessary to download a relevant app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

To use the service in the full audio-video range during a conference, it is necessary to have a webcam, microphone, and headset or loudspeaker connected to and recognized by your device, and they should not be simultaneously used by another application.

7. How can I make use of your website?

On the homepage there is a search facility where you can search for the university of your choice by applying any or all of the filter criteria such as Country, Subject Specialty and Tuition Fees. Once you have performed the search function you can check out the short listed universities one by one. Further, you can get in touch with the preferred universities directly by sending them an email from the page itself.

8. Is there an entrance fee?

No, there are no entrance fees for the Virtual Fair. But we would suggest that you do online registration, which is FREE.

9. I don't know very much about studying in European HEIs, is this ok?

It is not mandatory to have any background information about studying in European Universities. As long as you know the course or subject you would like to study, the representatives in the webinars will explain about the available options. You can then evaluate your options and take a call.

10. Are there any EU HEIs which offer online education courses which Indian students can enroll in without having to travel to the EU?

For online courses offered by EU HEIs, you will have to check with the respective institutions on the qualification and requirements. You may want to log in at the EHEVF 2019 webinar on November 14 & 15, 2019.