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EHEVF 2021 FAQ's on VF

Students’ FAQs Answered

European Higher Education VIRTUAL Fair– India 2021


1. What exactly do you mean by “Virtual Fair” and who is it meant for?

The European Higher Education Virtual Fair (EHEVF) India 2021 to be held from 24-26 November 2021 offers a 3D virtual platform to connect Indian college students looking to go abroad for higher education with European universities open to admitting them.

Students will be able to interact with EU universities through webinars, live chats, video calls and learn about higher education opportunities in Europe.

Students will get authentic advice and updated information directly from university faculty through live webinars in virtual auditoriums or chat sessions / video calls at university’s virtual exhibition booths .

Students can meet university faculty and staff in the virtual networking lounge and start a real conversation. They can watch videos or download information material from any of the 110+ virtual booths of universities from the 27 European Union Member States .

Students can also access information from all participating EU universities on their respective pages on this website: www.study-europe.net

2. Which countries are participating in the Virtual Fair this year?

The following countries, all members of the European Union, are participating in the EHEVF India 2021:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands.

(This means that 24 out of the 27 European Union Member States are taking part + Norway = 25 countries. UK is not a member of the EU anymore1)

3. Which European universities and higher education institutions (HEIs) are participating in the EHEVF 2021?

This is the list of the top 25 universities (as per QS World University Rankings 2022) participating in EHEVF 2021 :

No. Name of the Higher Education Institution Country QS WUR 2022
1 Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin Ireland 101
2 Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands 120
3 Wageningen University and Research The Netherlands 123
4 Leiden University The Netherlands 128
5 University of Groningen The Netherlands 128
6 Aarhus University Denmark 155
7 University of Twente The Netherlands 189
8 Radboud University The Netherlands 220
9 Vrije Universiteit Brussel Belgium 221
10 University of Antwerp Belgium 233
11 Università degli studi di Padova Italy 242
12 University of Navarra Spain 252
13 University College Cork, Republic of Ireland Ireland 298
14 University of Tartu Estonia 300
15 Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTECH Spain 314
16 IE University Spain 327
17 Politecnico di Torino Italy 334
18 Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon Portugal 357
19 UCT Prague Czech Republic 373
20 Tampere University Finland 414
21 University of Trento Italy 440
22 Università degli Studi di Torino Italy 485
23 Centro de Lenguas Modernas (Universidad de Granada) Spain 492

(Full list of participating universities given in Annex )

4. Who can attend the Virtual Fair?

This virtual fair is for Indian students and professionals who want to go for higher education to the European Union member countries. We also encourage parents, teachers, educationists and everyone else interested in knowing about opportunities to study in Europe.

5. Do I have to prepare for the Fair and is there anything I need to do to attend the fair?

You don't have to make any particular preparations except Register for the fair if you have not already done so. Please register by clicking below: https://meetyoo.live/register/11/EHEVF?Channel=EHEVFWebsite

Once you have registered at the above link you will get an email at the email address you gave. Please remember to open that email and click on a link given there so that your registration is confirmed. Next you should look at the schedule of webinars by clicking here:


You can decide on the webinars of your choice and come back online on the date and time of your preferred webinar to attend the same. You can attend as many webinars as you like. You can look at the list of participating institutes here:


You can research and decide in advance which institutes you want to interact with. All of them will have a virtual exhibition booth where you can talk to their representative through Live Chat or video call during the EHEVF on 24-26 Nov 2021 from 1.00 PM – 7.30 PM IST.

6. What is the technical preparation I have to do to attend the webinar?

There is no preparation needed except that you should click on the EHEVF link received on your email on the date and time of the EHEVF -that is from 1.00 PM – 7.30 PM IST on 24-25-26 Nov 2021.

Once you enter the Virtual Hall you can go talk to the Receptionist - Click on the Avatar of the person at the reception desk and a chat box will open up. There you can send a chat message and you will receive the response immediately. Or you can click on the icon of a video camera and talk to the reception desk staff on a video call also. You can look around the virtual networking area and meet other people there similarly. Or you may decide to go into the auditorium to participate in the webinar going on there and then participate in the Live Q&A with the speaker. You may then go to any of the exhibition halls and check out the universities at their virtual booths. There are more than 100 university or country booths to choose from and they are spread out over five different halls! You can talk to the universities staff at the booths or download the information material from the booth. You can watch the videos or move to the next booth. The choice is yours.

7. How can I make use of your website www.study-europe.net ?

On the homepage there is a search facility where you can search for the university of your choice by applying any or all of the filter criteria such as Country, Subject Speciality and Tuition Fees. Once you have performed the search function you can check out the short listed universities one by one.

8. Is there an entrance fee?

No, there is no entrance fee for the Virtual Fair as the EHEVF is funded by the European Union. But online registration is mandatory to gain entry.

9. I don't know very much about studying in European HEIs, is this ok?

You do not need to have any background information about studying in European Universities. As long as you know the course or subject you would like to study, the representatives at the universities virtual booths and speakers in the webinars will explain about the available options.

10. Why should an Indian student consider going to Europe for higher education?

  1. Europe has a world-wide reputation as a centre of excellence in learning. Every year, European universities rank prominently amongst the top 100 in the world. Europe offers state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge research opportunities, and competitively priced educational opportunities for Indian students.
  2. Tuition fees and daily costs are reasonable and relatively low compared to some regions like the US and UK.
  3. Europe boasts many centuries of academic excellence. Its rich academic heritage is based on many landmarks in human knowledge, and today’s European higher education institutions benefit from this lasting legacy. There are thousands of higher education institutions in Europe to choose from, offering a great variety of degree programmes including leading research universities to small, friendly teaching colleges.
  4. Many European Higher Education Institutions now offer a considerable number of graduate and post-graduate programmes in English . Europe is a continent with a wealth of traditions and a history as rich and varied as its many peoples and landscapes. At the same time, Europe is a hotbed for research and innovation, home to first-class resources and technologies, and top scientists working in fields ranging from medicine to space travel, nanotechnology to polar research, and from ICT to nuclear fusion.
  5. Europe offers a unique cultural experience in a dynamic, multinational and multicultural environment. Besides earning a world-class qualification, you’ll have the chance to learn new languages and intercultural skills that are of great value to future employers and an essential advantage in an ever-changing world.
  6. Studying in Europe gives you a top-quality education, which is respected the world over. Moreover, you can take advantage of the many scholarships that European universities offer.
  7. Employers won’t only be impressed by your education; they’ll also appreciate the other skills that you will have acquired during your education in Europe. Your time in Europe will prepare you for the global economy, developing assets such as self-reliance, independence and intercultural and linguistic abilities that will set you apart from the competition.
  8. Many countries encourage the best and brightest students to stay on after their studies. Alternatively, you can take your newly acquired skills back home with you. A European higher education will increase your mobility – across Europe and the rest of the world.
  9. Studying in Europe provides the perfect launchpad for your travels. Take the chance to visit our great cities, bathe on our beautiful beaches, ski in the Alps or join in the fiesta.



No. Higher Education Institution / National Agency / EU MS / EU Project Country
1 Central European University Austria
2 Vrije Universiteit Brussel Belgium
3 ICMPD Belgium
4 University of Antwerp Belgium
5 University of Economics-Varna Bulgaria
6 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth/ Department of Higher Education Cyprus
7 Mesoyios College Cyprus
8 City Unity College Cyprus
10 Neapolis University Pafos Cyprus
11 P.A. COLLEGE Cyprus
12 Frederick University Cyprus
13 Cyprus University of Technology Cyprus
14 The Cyprus Institute Cyprus
15 Czech Embassy Delhi Czech Republic
16 University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice Czech Republic
17 UCT Prague Czech Republic
18 University of Pardubice Czech Republic
19 University of Ostrava Czech Republic
20 Silesian University in Opava, School of Business Administration Czech Republic
21 Aarhus University Denmark
22 Tallinn University Estonia
23 Study in Estonia Estonia
24 University of Tartu Estonia
25 Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) Finland
26 Tampere University Finland
27 Häme University of Applied Sciences Finland
28 Campus France France
29 Institut Supérieur d'Électronique de Paris (ISEP) France
31 IESEG School of Management France
32 Grenoble Ecole De Management France
33 IAE Aix Marseille Graduate Business school France
34 SKEMA Business School France
35 Jacobs University Germany
36 DAAD Germany
37 University of Europe for Applied Sciences Germany
38 Macromedia University of Applied Sciences Germany
39 University of Pécs Hungary
40 University of Debrecen Hungary
41 Education in Ireland Ireland
42 Dublin Business School Ireland
44 St. Angela's College, Sligo, Ireland Ireland
45 Dundalk Institute of Technology Ireland
46 Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin Ireland
47 Griffith College Ireland
48 University College Cork, Republic of Ireland Ireland
49 Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest Ireland
50 Uni-Italia (Italian National Agency) Italy
51 Università degli Studi di Pavia Italy
52 Università degli Studi della Tuscia Italy
53 Vita-Salute San Raffaele University Italy
54 Luiss Guido Carli Italy
55 University of Messina Italy
56 Bocconi University Italy
57 University of Trento Italy
58 Humanitas University Italy
59 University for Foreigners of Perugia Italy
61 Accademia di Belle Arti di Lecce Italy
62 Politecnico di Torino Italy
63 Universita' IULM Italy
64 Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Italy
65 Università degli studi di Padova Italy
66 Università degli Studi di Torino Italy
67 Scuola Politecnica di Design Italy
68 Tor Vergata University of Rome Italy
69 University of Genoa Italy
70 Instituto Modartech Italy
71 IUAD Accademia della Moda Italy
72 Università del Molise Italy
73 Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano "Brera" Italy
74 EKA University of Applied Sciences Latvia
75 LCC International University Lithuania
76 Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH) Lithuania
77 Mykolas Romeris University Lithuania
78 Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Lithuania
79 Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (Mfhea) Malta
80 Domain Academy Malta
81 Institute of Tourism Studies Malta
82 University of Malta Malta
83 Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills Norway
84 Wrocław University of Science and Technology Poland
85 Cracow University of Technology Poland
86 Portuguese Erasmus+ National Agency Portugal
87 Politécnico de Leiria Portugal
88 Egas Moniz Higher Education School Portugal
89 Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon Portugal
90 University of Oradea Romania
91 Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Iasi Romania
92 University of Economics in Bratislava Slovakia
93 Bratislava University of Economics and Management Slovakia
94 School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana Slovenia
95 SEPIE (Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education) Spain
96 UCAM Spain
97 La Salle Campus Barcelona_Ramón Llull University Spain
98 EUHT StPOL Barcelona Spain
99 IQS Ramon Llull University Spain
100 University of A Coruña Spain
101 CEU Universities Spain
102 IE University Spain
103 University of Navarra Spain
104 UIC Barcelona Spain
105 Centro de Lenguas Modernas (Universidad de Granada) Spain
106 Halmstad University Sweden
107 Jönköping University Sweden
108 Nuffic NESO India The Netherlands
109 Maastricht School of Management (MSM) The Netherlands
110 Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands
111 Radboud University The Netherlands
112 University of Twente The Netherlands
113 Leiden University The Netherlands
114 University of Groningen The Netherlands
115 Wageningen University and Research The Netherlands
116 Hanze University of Applied Sciences The Netherlands

1 Luxembourg, Croatia and Greece are the three EUMS not taking part, all other EUMS are taking part.