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Campus of Copenhagen Business Academy (Cphbusiness), Top University in Europe

Copenhagen Business Academy (Cphbusiness)

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Copenhagen Business Academy (Cphbusiness) 2012

Copenhagen (Denmark)

1119 Copenhagen Business Academy (Cphbusiness), Landemærket 11, Copenhagen K, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tel. +45 3615 4500

Year of establishment: 2012

Known for its high standard English-taught Business and IT courses and strong ties to business and industry, Cphbusiness in Copenhagen - Denmark is innovative and has a genuine international outlook.     

Copenhagen Business Academy is Denmark’s largest business academy and consists of five campuses in Greater Copenhagen and Northern Zealand. Copenhagen Business Academy is a state funded and self-governing business academy, offering business and IT education. The programmes are taught in English and classes are comprised of both Danish and international students.

The institution is known for its close ties to business and industry.

You will be trained in the skills needed to get off to a great start in your career. The teaching methods used at Copenhagen Business Academy are classroom teaching, problem oriented cases and projects based on a combination of theory and practice. Information technology is integrated in most subjects and the work is often performed in groups. The results have been consistently positive and place Copenhagen Business Academy in the top three when compared to others institutions that offer similar programmes.

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HEI International Bachelors
Business, Management and Marketing Business, Management and Marketing
Computer Science and Information Systems Computer Science and Information Systems
Economics Economics
Hospitality, event management and tourism Hospitality, event management and tourism
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