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Danish Agency for Higher Education 1993

Copenhagen K (Denmark)

DK-1260 Danish Agency for Higher Education, Bredgade 43, DK-1260 tel: (+45) 7231 7800, Copenhagen K, Denmark

Tel. +45 7231 7800

Year of establishment: 1993

The Danish Agency for Higher Education provides information on the wide range of international higher education opportunities and exchange programmes offered by eduational institutions in Denmark.

Danish higher education institutions offer a wide range of opportunities for international students. More than 600 programmes are taught in English - all internationally recognised and of high quality. Whether you are interested in a research-oriented programme or more hands-on vocational training you will have plenty of options in Denmark. You can choose between several programmes taught entirely in English. Options also include degree programmes, exchange programmes, and short-term programmes and summer schools. You can also choose between three types of Danish educational institutions: Universities, University Colleges and Danish Business Academies - and thanks to credit transfer opportunities, you will sometimes be able to move between institutions.

The Danish Agency for Higher Education operates, which provides information about opportunities for international higher education in Denmark. The agency is responsible for the assessment and recognition of international qualifications and administers a number of Danish, European and Nordic student exchange programmes which promote international co-operation and mobility in education. The website is hosted by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. is  the official Danish government website about higher education in Denmark for international students. The website contains academic and practical information about studying, living and working in Denmark.


HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors
Accounting and Finance Accounting and Finance
Agriculture, Forestry and Food Agriculture, Forestry and Food
Anatomy and Physiology Anatomy and Physiology
Anthropology Anthropology
Architecture Architecture
Art Art
Biosciences Biosciences
Building Town and Country Planning Building Town and Country Planning
Business, Management and Marketing Business, Management and Marketing
Chemistry Chemistry
Classic and Ancient History Classic and Ancient History
Computer Science and Information Systems Computer Science and Information Systems
Dentistry Dentistry
Designs and Crafts Designs and Crafts
Drama and Dance Drama and Dance
Earth and Marine Sciences Earth and Marine Sciences
Economics Economics
Education Education
Engineering: Civil Engineering: Civil
Engineering: Electronic and Electrical Engineering: Electronic and Electrical
Engineering: General Engineering: General
Engineering: Materials and mineral Engineering: Materials and mineral
Engineering: Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical
English and Creative Writing English and Creative Writing
Fashion and Textiles Fashion and Textiles
Film Production and Photography Film Production and Photography
Forensic Science and Archaeology Forensic Science and Archaeology
Geography and Environmental Studies Geography and Environmental Studies
Health Professions Health Professions
History History
History of Art History of Art
Hospitality, event management and tourism Hospitality, event management and tourism
Journalism, publishing and public relations Journalism, publishing and public relations
Law Law
Mathematics Mathematics
Media and film studies Media and film studies
Medicine and Health Medicine and Health
Modern languages and Linguistics Modern languages and Linguistics
Music Music
Nursing and mid-wifery Nursing and mid-wifery
Pharma and Pharmacology Pharma and Pharmacology
Philosophy Philosophy
Physics Physics
Politics Politics
Psychology Psychology
Religious studies and theology Religious studies and theology
Social policy and administration Social policy and administration
Social work Social work
Sociology Sociology
Sports science Sports science
Veterinary science Veterinary science
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Hi, I am looking for a PhD in Socio-hydrology/sustainable water resource management/hydrological modeling. I have a Master's degree from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. 1. What kind of PhD positions are available? Are there structured positions (cohorts in doctoral schools), or individual PhDs (where you are answerable to the professor concerned)? Do PhDs start all year round, or with the new semester? 2. Is there a portal where I could search for the researchers/universities working in the agricultural/water sector? 3. What are the avenues for scholarships to fund the PhD? Are there any websites to customize such searches?


Hi there, Ad 1.: PhD positions are advertised continuously throughout the year, including within your field. PhD positions in Denmark are always individual. They are paid positions so technically you will become an employee during your PhD and will be answerable to your designated supervisor. PhDs usually begin their studies with the new semester. Ad 2.:You can perform a customised search in the databases of study programmes at You can check out open PhD positions using, see: Ad 3.: Advertised PhD-positions always come with a scholarship (as they are formally considered employment). The sources of funding in Denmark are: a) the universities' own funding for research, b) Grants from ongoing projects under the publicly funded research councils, i.e., Danish Council for Independent Research or Innovation Fund Denmark (the latter in the case of industrial PhD) or c) funding from private donations/Foundations. But remember: Funding is never separated from enrolment to become a PhD student in Denmark. The rule is: No enrolment without available funding. Hence, the trick is to find the right call for applications/advertisement of a PhD position.


Hello i completed my masters in Horticulture science. How can i apply for further studies.


Hello, I suggest that you visit and perform a customised topic-wise search in the database of study offerings. Also try to search for "food science", "food production technology" and related terms that may resonate with Horticulture science. can also provide you with al the information you will need regarding application procedures, including contacts to the international counsellors of the institutions. Best of luck! Kristoffer Brix Bertelsen, Innovation Centre Denmark, New Delhi.


is there any opportunity to be enrolled in research work?I have done many researches in my undergraduate MBBS programe.yet there is no opportunity for me to be entitted for research work in pakistan. is there any scholarship opportunity?


Dear Muhammed, In principle, you can be enrolled in research work but it depends on what you mean exactly by research work. I suggest that you do a search on where you can perform a customised search in your field of study and the various parameters of eligibility. Then, I suggest that you visit the websites of the relevant institutions and get in touch with the international student counsellors. Yes, there is a scholarship opportunity but you will need to ask the institutions which scholarships may be available, as scholarships in Denmark are offered by the institutions. Best of luck, Kristoffer Brix Bertelsen, Counsellor, Innovation Centre Denmark, New Delhi