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Campus of Design School Kolding, Top University in Europe

Design School Kolding

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Design School Kolding 1967

Kolding (Denmark)

6000 Design School Kolding, Aagade 10, Kolding, Denmark

Tel. +45 76301100

Year of establishment: 1967

Design School Kolding is one of Europe's leading schools of design, combining high academic standards and professional practice and offering excellent facilities and strong international links.

The Design School Kolding is a recognised member of the Cumulus international network of top design schools and ranks as one of Europe’s leading schools of design (Domus Magazine). The school is also a member of the Desis Network, an association with focus on Social Innovation and Sustainability. We build on the proud tradition of Danish Design by educating some of the greatest contemporary design talents in the world. We offer an international academic setting that comprises a number of recognised researchers. At the same time we value professional practice and provide excellent workshop facilities that enable you to work with materials on a 1:1 scale. Facilities include a fashion & textile shop, fully-equipped textile and graphic design workshops, as well as industrial design workshops that are open long hours. Students also have access to the workshops and equipment of other programmes in the school. We require our school faculty to be practitioners in their field, and our esteemed visiting faculty ensures inspiration from professional practice. Design School Kolding is rooted in humanism and focuses on design that is meaningful. We value dialogue, equality and diversity. The school cooperates with a wide range of international universities and design institutions, including two outposts at foreign universities where we collaborate on joint projects: one at Tongji University in Shanghai in China and one at USP in São Paulo in Brazil. The objective is for all students to acquire at least 15 ECTS points abroad, corresponding to half a semester. Furthermore there is a strong link to India through a partnership with Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Kolding is a small city, encouraging focused study, but it nevertheless hosts a very strong student community with many events organised by the student union.

HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors
Designs and Crafts Designs and Crafts
Fashion and Textiles Fashion and Textiles


The Master’s Degree Programme is an international two-year programme that enables you to specialise in one or more design disciplines of your choice (Communication Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Industrial Design and, as of 2017, Accessory Design) and work with your own approach to design and aesthetics. The programme expands your basic design education with further studies in the field of design and related areas where you achieve a profound understanding of design methods and techniques that relate to your subject. Furthermore, it qualifies you to carry out and collaborate in artistic design projects and participate and collaborate in design research projects. There is a strong focus on collaboration with the business community and a close dialogue with the school’s Business and Career Workshop, whose competent staff will guide you throughout your studies to prepare you for the job market. The programme especially advances your digital and business competences and your ability to communicate and put yourself on display.


The Bachelor programme has four lines of study: communication design, industrial design, textile/fashion design, and accessory design. The Bachelor programme qualifies students in the fundamental professional design disciplines. The aim of the Bachelor programme is to provide students with a basic understanding of design discipline theory and methodology. The programme develops the student’s ability to transform specific conditions and requirements – aesthetic, production technology-related and economic – into innovative design products. The Bachelor programme concludes with a graduation project. Over the course of the Bachelor programme, the student is introduced to the fundamental design disciplines, making it possible to approach specific design discussions and solutions based on general design discipline theories and positions. This is a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the entire design profession – from distinguished aesthetic design to good financial sense and decisiveness. Please note that in order to apply for the Bachelor Programme, you must be proficient in Danish.

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