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Dublin Business School (DBS)

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Dublin Business School (DBS) 1975

Dublin (Ireland)

2 Dublin Business School (DBS), St. Aungier Street, Dublin, Ireland

Tel. +35314177500

Year of establishment: 1975

Dublin Business School (DBS) is the largest autonomous institution in Ireland, located right in the heart of Dublin, Ireland's capital city and a perfect place to live, work, play and study. 

Over the last 45 years, DBS has built a reputation for the quality of its teaching and improvement of the learning experience. DBS is one of the premier higher education institutions in Ireland and is currently home to 9000+ students from 80+ nationalities and delivers 100+ globally accredited programmes.

Dublin Business School (DBS) specialises in the provision of career focused business, computer science, analytics, fin-tech, digital marketing, cyber security and law education as well as the delivery of contemporary programmes in the areas of arts, film, social care, audio & music production, media, social science, humanities and psychology. DBS has three intakes in a year- January, April & September.

Over the years, DBS has been one of the most preferred study destinations for the international students as our courses are developed in collaboration with industry and professional bodies. So that when a student graduates, in addition to his/her academic qualifications, s/he will have the skills and knowledge to begin a successful career straight away. Our ethos is to provide programmes which are highly focused and relevant to international students which employ innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

There is, however, more to being a student than just studying at DBS. Higher education is about developing students’ whole personality and participating in a wide range of activities beyond the lecture theatre, library or computer laboratory which will shape their identity in the coming years. The DBS Student Services department co-ordinates a growing number of clubs and societies each academic year, which have enjoyed success at various Intervarsity levels.

In the recent years, Ireland has seen a significant increase in the international student enrollments. Across the higher education sector, DBS has been widely acknowledged as the one of the largest contributor to the said growth in inward student mobility to Ireland. As the world fights the pandemic, all economic forecasts predict that Ireland will return to the Pre Covid -19 levels as early as 2021. As Pascal O’Donoghue, Minister for Finance for Ireland put it “The current crisis is a health one and not related to any inherent macroeconomic imbalance at the heart of the economy”

DBS Career Service office, one of the most successful departments, with its employability & career development events helps a number of graduates’ year on year to find employment upon completion of their course. DBS graduates employed in most of the well-known multinationals in Ireland and across the globe. As DBS, continues to grow and build on its reputation as Ireland's leading independent college, we will do all that we can to help our students to make the right choices for their future. And we assure the students that a programme of study at DBS will give them the best possible start in their career.

HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors


Dublin Business School (DBS) specialises in the provision of contemporary postgraduate courses in the areas of Arts, Business, and the Humanities. Located in the heart of Dublin city, DBS provides postgraduate students with the opportunity to study in an environment which is dynamic, vibrant and has a pulsating mixture of cultural, ethnic and social influences. Recent additions to the programme offerings include: Master of Science (MSc) in Financial Technology, Master of Science (MSc) in Digital Marketing, Master of Science (MSc) in Data Analytics, Higher Diploma in Financial Technology, Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Psychology and Master of Science (MSc) Information and Library Management.

Other offerings include Master of Arts (MA) in Addiction Studies, Master of Arts (MA) in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (APPI recognised), Master of Arts (MA) in Psychotherapy, Master of Business Administration (MBA) (with streams), Master of Science (MSc) in Information Systems with Computing, Master of Science (MSc) in Management Practice, Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing, Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing (Digital Media Stream) and MSc in International Accounting & Finance. 

Why a Postgraduate Qualification?
Promotion opportunities in current role/career enhancement
Enhanced job security
Improved career and networking prospects
To complement your primary degree
Change of direction in career
Development of transferable skills
Further development of your skills and knowledge in a specialist field
Opportunity to develop strong analytical, problem solving, presentation, time management and communication skills
Academic and personal development at a professional level
Worthwhile investment to enhance lifetime career prospects
To fulfill personal interests


Are you trying to decide where to go to college? And, what you’ll do when you get there? Here at DBS, we carry a comprehensive range of career-focused courses in the areas of Business, Psychology, Media, Computing and Law. This means whether you want to be a Lawyer, Music Producer, Businessperson, Accountant, Filmmaker, Psychologist, or anything else you’ve dreamed of… you can start off on the right path here

We know that there’s much more to being a student than just studying. We want to help you develop your whole personality and offer a long list of activities and events to take you out of the lecture theatre and really get to know your fellow students.

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