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International Business School 1991

Sofia (Bulgaria)

1527 International Business School, 138 Vasil Levski Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel. 359 2 400 16 36

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Year of establishment: 1991

Since 2004, International Business School (IBS) has been using an internal quality assurance system which satisfies modern requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

IBS applies a European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), thus contributing to the objectives of the European Higher Education Area – high quality and transparency of the educational process and more opportunities for student mobility. In 2013 IBS was awarded with the honourary distinction for excellence in education DS Label by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency and the European Commission. Upon completion of their training, along with a higher education diploma, students receive the European Diploma Supplement describing the level, content and status of the training they have passed. Along with the traditional academic modes of study (full-time and part-time), IBS applies distance learning as a contemporary educational approach with a flexible learning process. Students are taught with less dependence on the tutor and the tuition is student-oriented, rather than tutor-oriented. This is to state that you are supported and eased in an ultimate way but at the same time you are much more responsible for your own education. Via a modern Learning Management System, which supports the learning process, IBS creates good opportunities for communication amongst all the participants in the distance learning process, including students, tutors and administration staff. To achieve high quality effectiveness of learning IBS offers students support and access to teaching resources. The same refers to the administrative services during the distance learning process.

HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors
Accounting and Finance Accounting and Finance
Business, Management and Marketing Business, Management and Marketing
Hospitality, event management and tourism Hospitality, event management and tourism


Business Administration In the Master’s Degree Programme in Business Administration postgraduates acquire competence and skills which shape energetic leaders capable of making high levels decisions in the companies of the private and public sector. The acquired knowledge expands the achieved competence in the educational and qualification Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree from other fields of study. The Programme’s courses apply conventional as well as innovative teaching methods, which provide a strategic approach to organizations’ management and practical skills implemented in the work position. Masters of Business Administration enhance their entrepreneurial skills, the implementation of contemporary technologies in management; their skills to solve problems arising from the environmental impact and create favourable social and psychological climate in the organizations.


Business administration in English Bachelor of Science in Business Administration The Bachelor of Science degree at IBS is intended to prepare its graduate for responsible roles within a variety of organizational settings. The B.S. program builds on a solid core of management education combined with coursework that provides a broad understanding of business. Consequently, while many students will apply the knowledge and skills they acquire in their undergraduate studies directly to their work environment, the curriculum is designed to afford breadth and depth in the complexities of governmental, industrial, education, commercial, health-services and voluntary organizations. In addition, graduates of the baccalaureate program are well equipped to continue their studies in the graduate degree programs in a number of administrative, technical and commercial fields. More specifically, the B.S. in Business Administration (BSBA) program surveys the contemporary business disciplines of accounting, finance, marketing, economics, law and international relations. Students strengthen skills in communication and decision-making and learn about the central importance of behavioral factors in business.

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