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Masaryk University

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Masaryk University 1919

Brno (Czech Republic)

60177 Masaryk University, Žerotínovo náměstí 9, Brno, Czech Republic

Tel. +4205491111

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Year of establishment: 1919

Masaryk University, named after president Masaryk, is the second-largest public university in the Czech Republic. It comprises nine faculties with over 200 departments, institutes and clinics. The university uses widely recognized ECTS credit system.

Masaryk University is home to 35,848 degree students including 7,110 international students. Teaching is offered at all levels, from Bachelor through Master to PhD, with a growing number of English-taught programs in diverse fields of study from medicine through IT, business, languages to social sciences. Studies are closely connected to research and this orientation is confirmed by the existence excellence research centers connecting interdisciplinary state-of-the-art science and technology such as CEITEC, or by the establishment of Gregor Johann Mendel Antarctic Station. Masaryk University offers superb facilities for study and research, and also for extracurricular activities. Both degree and exchange students can fully enjoy quality infrastructure of newly reconstructed teaching rooms, laboratories, special technology labs, comprehensive libraries with a wide choice of books and e-sources, and a network of canteens, sport-grounds and university Halls of Residence (all international students can live on campus). In 2012, the university received the award of the European Association for International Education (EAIE) in for a substantial contribution to the internationalization of higher education. Our International Student Club was chosen as the best Erasmus Network Student club in 2010 and keeps up the good work organizing a whole range of activities and buddy support for all international students. MU has participated in numerous Erasmus Mundus projects, and this cooperation transformed into further exchange agreements with South Asian universities under Erasmus+ scheme or capacity building projects, such as TACTIC - a project aimed at developing the capacities of Higher Education Institutions in Mongolia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Long-term cooperation with Indian and Asian institutions has brought exchange students and teachers to Masaryk University and vice versa.

HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors
Accounting and Finance Accounting and Finance
Business, Management and Marketing Business, Management and Marketing


Masaryk University offers a variety of Master degree programs in English. They are 2-year programs of study comprising 120 ECTS credits. They are usually open to graduates of Bachelor programs of similar fields (or to Bachelor graduates in general) with good study results, high motivation and sufficient English language knowledge. The programs are open in economics and business (Business Management, Economics, Finance, Public Economics and Administration), education (Secondary School Teacher Training in English Language), linguistics (English Language and Literature), IT (Embedded Systems, Service Science, Management and Engineering) or in social sciences (Conflict and Democracy Studies, Cultural Sociology, European Governance, European Politics, Joint Program in International Relations. Europe in the Visegrad Perspective, Energy Security Studies, Sociology with Migration Studies Profile, Public Policy and Human Resources). Students are required to take about 30 ECTS credits per semester and all programs are completed by Master thesis and final state examination. Study-abroad options are widely available and supported.


For graduates of secondary schools, Masaryk University offers Bachelor programs in English and also long-cycle (5-year) Master programs in English. The 3-year Bachelor programs are offered in the fields of English Language and Literature, Physiotherapy, and Teacher Training in Foreign Languages - English Language with recent additions of International Relations and European Politics. The long-cycle 5-year or 6-year Master degree programs are offered in the fields of Dentistry and General Medicine. Students are required to take about 30 ECTS credits per semester and all programs are completed by a thesis and final state examination. Study-abroad options are widely available and supported.


Masaryk University can offer faculty and departmental scholarships for best students that fully or partially cover the tuition fees in English-taught programs. Besides, all students receive subsidy for accommodation, discounted meals in student canteens, and they can be awarded various merit-based stipends and awards. There is also a wide range of scholarships for study-abroad. External sponsors and foundations recommended: International Visegrad Fund (specified countries) Masaryk University is accredited in the system of US Federal Student Loans.

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