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Students of Medical University of Gdansk, Top University in Europe

Medical University of Gdańsk

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Medical University of Gdańsk 1945

Gdańsk (Poland)

80-210 Medical University of Gdańsk, M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 3a Street, Gdańsk, Poland

Tel. +48 58 349 13 90

Year of establishment: 1945

Located in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, The Medical University of Gdańsk (MUG) provides high quality higher education to over 6000 students, including to PhD level, and it has a strong infrastruture and a healthy international outlook.

The Medical University of Gdańsk (MUG) offers an impressive range of high academic standard English-taught programmes including a Premedical Course, Polish and English Language Courses, Medicine Doctor Programme, Bachelor of Nursing Programme and a Ph.D. Programmes. The University is also known for its high standards in conducting scientific research, which is reflected in its high position in the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education rankings and by the many awards it has receieved for its staff. Moreover, its Faculty of Pharmacy with Subfaculty of Laboratory Medicine has recently been recognized by the Polish government as a Leading National Research Centre (KNOW).

In terms of recent developments, the Medical University of Gdańsk is constantly modernizing its teaching and clinical infrastructure. The construction of the Invasive Medicine Centre, financed by the national budget, was finished in 2011. It is the first investment of this type in the Pomeranian region in 30 years. The new hospital comprises several sections and houses 12 surgical departments, with bed space for 311 patients. The Invasive Medicine Centre’s teaching wing includes an auditorium with 288 seats and several seminar halls; whereas its roof has a helicopter landing pad connected directly to the Emergency Department.

In terms of facilities, students of Medical University of Gdańsk  have access to a conveniently situated student residential campus, a modern library and a student club “Medyk”. Furthermore, the university has a strong international orientation and international students constitute nearly 15% of the overall student population and represent more than half of all international students in Gdańsk. The Medical University of Gdańsk also carries out active international exchange through the Erasmus+ program, and it also takes part in Baltic Sea Region University Network (BSRUN) and ScanBalt. Since 2009, the University has been a member of “Study in Pomorskie”, a programme which promotes our region’s universities abroad. 

The Medical University of Gdańsk also provides health care to the residents of the Pomeranian Region and the neighbouring regions, and it actively supports public health projects. For example, the University organizes Medical Science Day and Picnic for Health, events which serve to increase the awareness of healthy lifestyles in our region. The university is situated in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, which boasts a charming historic old town and sandy beaches.

HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors
Medicine and Health Medicine and Health
Nursing and mid-wifery Nursing and mid-wifery
Pharma and Pharmacology Pharma and Pharmacology


Unified Master’s Medical Studies (Medicine)

The curriculum of the first 5 years of studies (10 semesters) comprises theoretical medical sciences, introduction to clinical sciences in the form of first aid and nursing module, introduction to medicine, pediatrics, internal diseases, epidemiology, history of medicine, history of philosophy, medical sociology, medicalethics, medical psychology, computer sciences with biostatistics and foreign languages. The sixth year of the course of studies (2 semesters) include clinical sciences internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, gynecology, psychiatry, emergency medicine, family doctor practice and one free choice discipline). Studies also offer a selection of elective courses. Course completion requirements for particular years of study include also completion of summer student’s internships in patient care, internal diseases, pediatrics, gynecology, surgery, family medicine and anesthesiology and intensive care. Graduates obtain their diplomas and the title of a MD upon completion of studies the graduates are required to sit the State Examination for General Practitioner (LEK).


BSc in Nursing

The graduates of our programme will be prepared to practise nursing independently all of the world. They will provide health services, recognize nursing needs and problems of the patients and their families, plan and perform the nursing care and provide preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation and education services. The studies include basic sciences (anatomy, physiology, pathology, genetics, biochemistry and biophysics, microbiology and parasitology, pharmacology, radiology), social sciences (psychology, sociology, pedagogy, medical law, public health, philosophy and ethics in nursing), basic nursing care (basics of nursing care, health promotion, primary care, dietetics, physical examination, and research in nursing) and specialist care (internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, anesthesiology, rehabilitation, neurology, geriatrics, palliative care, basics of emergency medicine, and nursing: internal, pediatric, surgical, obstetric-gynecological, psychiatric, emergency, neurological, and geriatric nursing, as well as nursing of patients with disabilities). 
The graduates will be able to work in public and private health care facilities and continue their studies at nursing and/or various courses        as a part of postgraduate education. 
The extended curriculum is based on strict European and US standards. After having graduation, the students receive a diploma in nursing and subsequently can apply for a license to practice nursing in their country.

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