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Mediterranean Institute of Management (MIM)

Mediterranean Institute of Management (MIM)

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Mediterranean Institute of Management (MIM) 1976

Nicosia (Cyprus)

2100 Mediterranean Institute of Management (MIM), Kallpoleos 77, Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel. +35722806000

Year of establishment: 1976

The Mediterranean Institute of Management was established in 1976 and is the First Business School in Cyprus.

The MIM is a public institution of tertiary education under the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance (MLWSI). It constitutes the International Component of the Cyprus Productivity Centre a department of the MLWSI.

MIM offers the following Postgraduate Programmes:
• Master in Business Administration (English speaking)
• Master in Business Administration (Greek speaking)
• Master in Public Administration (Greek speaking)

MIM Vision
Be a benchmark and the first option for higher education in Business Administration and Public Administration in Cyprus.

MIM Mission
Provide quality higher education in Business Administration and Public Administration to develop professional managerial skills tailored to labour market conditions.
The MIM operates according to its Internal Rules of Operation and it has a Council appointed by the Council of Ministers. The MIM Council serves as an advisory body to the Director of the Institution on all matters concerning the operation of the Institution and specifically on matters relating to the Study Programmes and specializations of the Institution, the budget and all other matters that the Director might refer to the Council. 
The titles issued by the MIM are accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education.
Degrees awarded by MIM are automatically recognised by the law and they are not subjected to the recognition procedure of KYSATS.
Through the Postgraduate Management Programmes, MIM has set very high Professional Management standards and has created a managerial elite able to assist private, semi-government and government organizations to adjust successfully to constant socio-economic changes and rapid technological innovation.
The MBA Programme offers students, from a variety of academic backgrounds, the opportunity to prepare for a managerial career. Its overall objective is to provide students with a sound framework of concepts, analytical methods and techniques that will enable them to execute effectively their managerial duties.

HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors
Business, Management and Marketing Business, Management and Marketing


The MBA aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully meet the labour market needs and to help them foster positive attitudes and behaviours towards the challenges of the Management field.

After successfully completing the MIM Program students will be able to:
• Incorporate, in the performance of their duties, the knowledge and skills they have acquired from different disciplines.
• Successfully meet the challenges of the profession and contribute to the development of the Business Administration sector.
• Make effective use of information and communication technologies in the performance of their managerial duties.
• Use quantitative and qualitative methods to make decisions and solve modern problems in the filed of administration.
• Efficiently manage local and international market prospects and information.
• Apply modern marketing strategies.
• Effectively manage human resources issues such as recruitment, training and development and performance assessment.
• Use financial tools to make strategic decisions to ensure the financial stability of their business.
• Apply responsible business practices and ethical principles to business decision making.
• Demonstrate leadership skills and encourage teamwork for business decision making.
• Use critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as decision making techniques.
• Communicate and interact productively.

It is based on the ECTS European Credit System. To obtain the degree, students must successfully complete at least 110 ECTS, as follows: 60 ECTS through 9 compulsory courses, 20 ECTS through 4 optional courses and 30 ECTS through the Dissertation.
The Programme duration is 13 months (course modules offered in 3 terms from September till June). 

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