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Salzburg Urstein Institut GmbH

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Salzburg Urstein Institut GmbH 2014

Salzburg (Austria)

5020 Salzburg Urstein Institut GmbH, Salzburg Urstein Institut GmbH, Salzburg, Austria

Tel. +4366488295399

Year of establishment: 2014

Engineer your thinking at the SUI - we offer Master Degrees in Berlin and Salzburg. Specially set up for a globalised world, our English-language progammes offer the skills and networks needed for international success.

We bring the fresh spirit of a newly founded institution, yet we benefit from a long tradition of science in Europe. Our faculty consists of internationally experienced experts in their fields - and they are ready to pass on all their knowledge and skills in a uniquely new way at our University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and Salzburg.
You will learn to excel in business and science on a global scale, not just learning but learning to apply knowledge in a sustainable way with a long-term perspective and surrounded by a great network of enterprises and professionals with a wide variety of internship opportunities.
Our curricula and our research approach are tailor-made for a globalised world - designed for intercultural exchange and benefiting from the various backgrounds of everyone involved.
The non-mandatory Cultural Practice Programme we offer guarantees a wealth of informal off-campus learning for maximum experience and network.
For a sneak preview, ask about our Learning by Travelling programmes!

HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors


Our Four Master Degrees are designed for the student of a globalised world, and have been developed with a high-ranking team of professors and the support of internationally renowned business professionals, thus guaranteeing a high academic standard and the skills development needed for a successful career - in both the academic and the business worlds.

Intercultural Competence and Networking
Besides ensuring an excellent education, we attach great importance to the mutual exchange between students, our faculty as well as all involved individuals, companies and institutions. This exchange gives way to a vast discourse helping its participants to acquire knowledge, to foster cultural understanding and thus to open new doors. The only way to create a globalised economy – where everybody can have their share – is by creating embodied synergies and true collaboration.

Academic and Business Network
A widespread network of internationally operating professionals participated in the conception of the Salzburg Urstein Institut from beginning on. The outcome of this cooperation is an unparalleled international higher education programme dedicated to setting new standards in this field. To pursue this ambition, together with our students we strive to take up our position as one of the leading excellence universities in the official rankings.



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