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Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona

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Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona 1990

Barcelona (Spain)

08002 Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona, Plaça de la Mercè, 10-12, Barcelona, Spain

Tel. 34935422000

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Year of establishment: 1990

UPF is a public, international and research-intensive university. UPF structures its studies on three main fields of knowledge: social sciences and humanities, health and life sciences and communication and information technologies

1. Mission and goals

UPF is a public, international and research-intensive university that, in just twenty-five years, has earned a place for itself among the best universities in Europe. Awarded with a CEI label (International Excellence Campus) by the Spanish Ministry of Education, the University also figures in different international rankings.

Global indicators:

- International Excellence Campus (Spanish Ministry of Education, 2010)
- High satisfaction rate (90%) and job placements (83%) among graduates (AQU Catalunya, 2014)

Facts & Figures (2014-2015 academic year):

Undergraduate students: 9,783 (UPF Group: 13,738)
Official Master's students: 959 (UPF Group: 2,643)
Doctoral students: 1,247
UPF Master's student: 1,813
Number of teaching and research staff: 594 FTE (Number of permanent professors: 339)
Number of administrative and service staff: 684

3. The UPF model

UPF is committed to offering a high-quality teaching model and outstanding research with international projection, the three axis of the UPF model.

Main indicators:

Two students apply for every UPF place available (2014-2015 academic year)
15% of new students finished high school with honours (2014-2015 academic year)

An own teaching model

- Highest rate of performance in the Spanish system: 90% (2013-2014 academic year)
- 1st Spanish university in productivity in the area of teaching (BBVA Foundation & Ivie, 2014)
- MOOCs: partnership with Miríada X, FutureLearn


Graduate employment rate: 83% (AQU Catalunya, 2014)
One out of four graduates found a job through the university (AQU Catalunya, 2014)
PhD employment rate: 96% (Analysis of the employment rate for UPF doctorates, 2012)
Satisfaction rate: 90% of UPF's graduates would choose the same university again (AQU Catalunya, 2014)

International vocation

UPF international profile is the result of a strategy focused on establishing a policy of alliances with a network of preferred partners and the recruitment of lecturers with an international background. Besides, it also promotes international mobility (incoming and outgoing), includes the use of English in several courses and it is committed to consolidate a multilingual campus with three languages -Catalan, Spanish and English- used in all spheres of university life.

Main indicators:
36% of official master's students and 52% of doctoral students are international (2014-2015 academic year)
30% of UPF graduates have studied abroad (2013-2014 academic year)
22% of UPF faculty is international (2014)
1st Spanish university in international outlook (THE, 2014)
1st Spanish university in the proportion of international faculty (QS, 2014)

Agreements with 27 of the Top 50 universities in the world (Times Higher Education ranking, 2013)
Summer School Programme with UCLA (from summer 2012)
Strategic alliances: A4U, Europaeum, YERUN and CASB (Ivy League)

HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors
Business, Management and Marketing Business, Management and Marketing
Accounting and Finance Accounting and Finance
Economics Economics
Biosciences Biosciences
Pharma and Pharmacology Pharma and Pharmacology
Health Professions Health Professions
Anatomy and Physiology Anatomy and Physiology
Computer Science and Information Systems Computer Science and Information Systems
History History
History of Art History of Art
Journalism, publishing and public relations Journalism, publishing and public relations
Media and film studies Media and film studies
Film Production and Photography Film Production and Photography
Law Law
Modern languages and Linguistics Modern languages and Linguistics
Politics Politics
Social policy and administration Social policy and administration
Sociology Sociology
Philosophy Philosophy
Art Art
Nursing and mid-wifery Nursing and mid-wifery


Bioinformatics for Health Sciences
Biomedical Research
Clinical Analysis Laboratory
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry
Public Health
Economic and business sciences
Research in Economics, Finance and Management
Political and social sciences
Current Democracies: Nationalism, Federalism and Multiculturalism
Immigration Management
Political Philosophy
Research in Political Science
Research in Sociology and Demography
Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies
Historical Research of Communication*
International Studies on Media, Power and Difference
Social Communication
Strategic Communication and Public Relations
Legal Sciences
Criminology and the Criminal Justice System
European Global Law*
Information and communication technologies
Brain and Cognition
Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media
Computational Biomedical Engineering*
Intelligent Interactive Systems
Sound and Music Computing
Wireless Communications
Translation and language sciences
Discourse Studies: Communication, Society and Learning
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
Translation Studies
Humanities and history
Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Thought
Chinese Studies
World History


Health and life sciences
Human Biology
Political and social sciences
Political and Administration Sciences
Advertising and Public Relations
Audiovisual Communication
Criminology and Public Prevention Policies
Labour Relations
Economics and business
Business Management and Administration
Business Sciences - Management
International Business Economics
Engineering degree programmes
Audiovisual Systems Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Engineering degree in Computer Science
Mathematical Engineering in Data Science*
Telematics Engineering
Interdisciplinary programmes
Global Studies
Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Translation and language sciences
Applied Languages
Translation and Interpreting
UPF Open Bachelor's Degree programme (a single means of gaining admission to various bachelor's degree programmes)
Double bachelor's degree programmes*
Criminology and Public Prevention Policies + Law
Law + Business Management and Administration
Law + Economics


Bachelor's and master's degree students can apply for the scholarships available from the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport ( or from AGAUR, the Catalan government's Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants (
Students from EU countries other than Spain may only apply for such grants if they or one of their family's main earners worked in Spain throughout the previous year. Students from non-EU countries must meet the same requisite and have a permanent residence permit.

Students may also apply for other institution's scholarships, such as those of the Spanish International Development Aid Agency, the Carolina Foundation and the Fulbright Programme.

UPF provides enrolment fee grants for master's degree candidates with outstanding academic transcripts.

Additionally, the University's departments offer their own grants for master's degree students. See each programme's web page for further information.

Scholarships for studying in Spain:

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