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Universiteit Leiden/Leiden University

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Universiteit Leiden/Leiden University 1575

Leiden (Netherlands)

2300RA Universiteit Leiden/Leiden University , Rapenburg 70 PO Box 9500 , Leiden, Netherlands

Tel. +3171 527 1111

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Year of establishment: 1575

A world leading academic institution, Leiden University offers a range of Bachelor's and Masters programmes in English and Dutch and has an alumni which includes Nelson Mandela, Descartes and Albert Einstein.         

Leiden University is a truly international university, uniting people and knowledge from all corners of the world since 1575. The university offers 6 English-taught bachelor's programmes in addition to more than 50 Dutch bachelor's and 200+ English/Dutch master's programme specialisations. Leiden provides an ideal setting to get the most out of your student life while preparing for an international career. Follow in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, René Descartes, Albert Einstein, and John Adams. Engage with our lecturers, who are renowned for their ground-breaking research and worldwide networks. Benefit from the personal and interactive classroom experience. Develop your international citizenship.

Ideally located in The Netherlands, we have campuses in Leiden and The Hague. Both cities offer a wealth of social, academic, and housing options for students. Amsterdam is a short distance away, and the rest of Europe is at your doorstep. Discover the world at Leiden University! Student Housing is available through our Housing Office but is limited. Single rooms, shared housing and dormatories are options. Average rent is €500 Euro and up, and housing is allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Housing is located around our locations in Leiden and The Hague.

HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors
Anthropology Anthropology
Biosciences Biosciences
Chemistry Chemistry
Computer Science and Information Systems Computer Science and Information Systems
Education Education
Forensic Science and Archaeology Forensic Science and Archaeology
Health Professions Health Professions
History History
History of Art History of Art
Journalism, publishing and public relations Journalism, publishing and public relations
Law Law
Mathematics Mathematics
Media and film studies Media and film studies
Modern languages and Linguistics Modern languages and Linguistics
Pharma and Pharmacology Pharma and Pharmacology
Philosophy Philosophy
Physics Physics
Politics Politics
Psychology Psychology
Religious studies and theology Religious studies and theology
Social policy and administration Social policy and administration


Leiden University is one of the most broad-based universities in the Netherlands, offering over 70 master’s programmes with some 200 specialisations to choose from. A Leiden master’s diploma provides you with a firm basis for entering the employment market both at home and internationally. What makes Leiden so special? •Strong emphasis on the quality of education and research •Broad range of programmes •International reputation •Individual attention for master’s students •Centrally located in the Randstad, the busy heart of the Netherlands •University as integral part of the city: In Leiden, the university is in the heart of the city. •A multi-cultural learning environment •High level of personal safety •Highly qualified teaching staff Read more here:


What else makes Leiden so special? Strong emphasis on the quality of education and research Highly qualified teaching staff International reputation Academic Freedom Our programmes are unique An International Classroom Individual attention for students Student Support University as integral part of the city Read more here:


Leiden University offers scholarships for the master's programmes in the form of the Leiden Excellence Scholarship programme. Excellent students can apply for this scholarship to help with their tuition fees. This is not a full scholarship. StuNed scholarships are available for Indonesian students in partnership with Nuffic, and our Science Faculty offers the Leiden Science Indonesia Scholarship for master's students. The Holland Scholarship Programme exists for non-EU Bachelors students. A one time award of €5000 is reserved for the most qualified and excellent students. This scholarship is in partnership with Nuffic.

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Hi, I am a Ph.D Student from an Indian University in Computer Science & Engineering. I want to enquire about short term visiting fellowship for Ph.D Scholars. I am working on data analysis and social networks


Good afternoon! You would need to contact the Science Faculty directly to see what might be possible. You can do so at the Graduate Science Office Have a great day!