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University of Economics-Varna 1920

Varna (Bulgaria)

9000 University of Economics-Varna, 77, Knyaz Boris I blvd., Varna, Bulgaria

Tel. 0035952830812

Year of establishment: 1920

The University of Economics - Varna, founded in 1920, is one of the oldest higher education economics institution on the Balkan Peninsula. Nowadays it boasts more than 150 academic partnerships with higher education institutes worldwide.

A well-regarded Bulgarian university, the University of Economics-Varna (UE-Varna) scored very highly (9.28 of 10) in its institutional accreditation given by the Bulgarian National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency in 2018. This accreditation testifies to the university's high teaching standards and its compliance with the Higher Education Act, and European educational standards. The current accreditation is valid for six years (until 2024), enabling UE-Varna to continue its higher education activities, which include the education of 10,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

UE-Varna has established an innovative and dynamic high-tech environment for young people headed for careers in business, economics, management, and computer science worldwide. The University resources and facilities provide its academic community a pleasant and inspiring learning experience which fosters the students' numerous talents as well.

- Great cultural and nightlife. Living in Varna will give you the opportunity to discover and be a part of some of the best cultural events in South-Eastern Europe.
- Low living costs. Bulgaria is one of the most affordable countries in Europe which helps students concentrate on their school work rather than having to worry about their income and living expenses.
- Affordable high quality education. A degree from UE-Varna means a European higher education diploma giving you access to outstanding career opportunities worldwide.
- Perfect environment to test your business plan. Due to low taxation and freedom of enterprise compared to other European countries, you will have the chance to test the potential of your business ideas in the market.
- International and multicultural environment. UE-Varna is proud of being attractive to students from all around the world. Both domestic and foreign students have the invaluable and enriching advantage to be part of a multicultural and multilingual environment where they can build their own international network of contacts.
UE-Varna has a strong international outlook and boasts more than 150 academic partnerships with a wide range of HEI in the world - giving the university unique opportunities for student and staff mobility. Furthermore, in the institution operates a Career and Alumni Centre, which serves the needs of students who are pursuing specific work occupations and internships. Since academic 2017/2018 year UE - Varna successfully offer Joint Master (MSc) programme in International Business and Economics, jointly with Universal Business School - Mumbai, India.

HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors
Accounting and Finance Accounting and Finance
Business, Management and Marketing Business, Management and Marketing
Computer Science and Information Systems Computer Science and Information Systems
Economics Economics
Hospitality, event management and tourism Hospitality, event management and tourism


International Business and Economics programme is offered by UE-Varna and Universal Business School - Mumbai, India. The programme gives a sound foundation in economics and contemprorary business approaches, an opportuinity to experience and learn about the environment and emerging business models in Europe and Asia. Students will be able to develop their skills and competences through experience-based learning, to refine their intercultural skills and to explore new approaches to ctitical thinking and independent analysis. The Master degree in International Business and Economics is a gateway to join the next generation of global business leaders in the industry, commerce, services, etc. The profound knowledge of the global economy and business processes, and, in particular, the understanding of the specific problems of the European Union and the Asian fast developing countries, shape the graduates' highly valuable profile of specialists in business relation development between two continents.


The University of Economics – Varna offers a new four-year bachelor degree programme "International Business" in English. The programme is open to Bulgarian and foreign students, who wish to acquire economic knowledge and practical skills in the area of international business. Training is provided by lecturers, who have specialised abroad and have a long-standing experience in teaching in their field in English language. In the beginning of their studies students receive fundamental training in the area of economics. Specialised training is provided through courses in International Business, International Management, Marketing, Logistics, Project Management. Possibilities for elective subjects exist in the area of Social and Legal sciences, Quantitative methods and Management approaches.

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