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University of finance, business and entrepreneurship (VUZF)

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University of finance, business and entrepreneurship (VUZF) 2002

Sofia (Bulgaria)

1618 University of finance, business and entrepreneurship (VUZF), 1 Gusla, Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel. 3592 401 58 29

Year of establishment: 2002

VUZF University is a boutique place to study in global education quality. For us the students are at the heart of everything we do, giving them the best opportunities for future success and innovative education.

VUZF is the first Bulgarian private university specialized in the field of finance, insurance and business. VUZF University received International Higher Education Accreditation by the British Accreditation Council (BAC). This proves that the educational programmes in the VUZF University cover the standards for higher education in the UK. Тhe BAC accreditation verifies that in VUZF teaching and educational process as a whole are of very high standard.

VUZF’s mission is to prepare highly qualified specialists in economics and to develop economic science in accordance with the needs of the contemporary practice. The academic policy of the university is aimed at implementing the best educational practices in Europe and the world. Its main purpose is to provide high quality studies and career success of students by maintaining a very good cooperation with the business community. About 90 per cent of the graduates start work in the field of the acquired major in banks, insurance, social insurance or commercial companies.

Lecturers have an important contribution for the high quality studies. The faculty members are among the most outstanding scientists, with extensive training and practical experience, being current or former heads of state institutions.

VUZF University develops an online education platform that gives numerous advantages for our international student:
* Opportunity to combine studies with your professional career
* Worldwide access
* Possibility for multiple review of all audio and video interactive materials
* All consultations and exam sessions are conducted during the weekends
* Complete online administrative services
* 365 / 7 / 24 Access to online e-Library

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Accounting and Finance Accounting and Finance
Business, Management and Marketing Business, Management and Marketing
Economics Economics
Hospitality, event management and tourism Hospitality, event management and tourism
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