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University of Limoges

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University of Limoges 1968

Limoges (France)

87000 University of Limoges, 33 rue François Mitterrand, Limoges, France

Tel. +33 5 55 14 92 74

Year of establishment: 1968

At the heart of Europe, the University of Limoges is a major multidisciplinary
higher education establishment set in an ideal environment for scientific

The University of Limoges has a wide range of partnerships with a number
of universities in Europe and across the world. It is at the heart of a
worldwide network that offers exchanges for students, researchers and
research professors from varying horizons. The International Reception
Office facilitates all the formalities required to help exchange visitors settle in.

International appeal
A wide range of specialities appeal to students from every continent. The
University of Limoges is one of the top ten French universities for attracting
international students, with the strongest growth phase occurring in the last
few years*, which goes to show just how attractive it is. In the same way, the
University encourages and facilitates mobility among students and tutors
keen to try other academic experiences. This move towards international
exchanges is a deliberate strategy on the part of the University, the aim
of which is to highlight its areas of excellence and ensure that its courses
and research are in tune with the major currents of thinking, science and
technology: an essential outlook if the University of Limoges is to be a
privileged centre for its students.

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