Year of establishment: 1971

KES College is a Private Higher Education Institution in Cyprus. It offers 26 Programmes of Study ranging from Diploma to Bachelor. Its’ ambition is to provide professional and responsible education and training in areas where there is demand.

NICOSIA (Cyprus)


Tel. 22875737

Many programmes offered at KES College have been operating for the first time in Cyprus for several years (e.g. Hotel Management, Business Studies, Travel and Tourism Management, Logistics, Business Management) and therefore both College and Teachers - in addition to their academic and professional qualifications - have vast teaching and work experience in their academic fields offering extensive theoretical and practical contributions to those programmes. One of the main factors which reveal the quality of education offered by KES COLLEGE is the warm and friendly environment that exists. This comes through interpersonal relationships, respect of students’ personality and the morality of the College. Within this framework, friendly human relations exist. Teachers and Instructors collaborate in an effort to keep a high educational level. Further to this, the Student Union Committee takes initiative which contribute to the development of intimate social relationships among teachers, students and College management. Such initiatives include organising parties, tours and trips in Cyprus and abroad, and other events, which contribute to the development and social awareness among students. Of particular significance are charity events organised by the Student Union Committee which encourage the feeling of donation and human care to students. These include blood donations, fundraising, sports days and other events which aim to help financially various non-profit organisations. Our vision is to be a leader in Vocational Education and Training, offering cutting-edge curricula that respond to the needs of the labour market and society.
Our goal is to convey to our students the importance of human value, mutual respect and social offer so that our graduates are equipped with ethos and virtues to respond directly and effectively to all kinds of challenges! We are committed to our work, roles / positions and we recognize that credibility is the basis for building a long-lasting relationship of trust between our College staff and our students / graduates. We work and see ourselves as part of a team, share our ideas, knowledge, experience and concerns and have common goals. Our success depends on our Human Resources so we provide opportunities to develop your skills and achieve your own goals in conjunction with ours in a good learning environment.