Luxembourg: Excellence in a Small Package

Luxembourg, a small landlocked country in Western Europe, is known for its strong economy, low public debt, and a prestigious education system.

Its capital and most populous city, Luxembourg is one of the four institutional seats of the European Union (together with Brussels, Frankfurt, and Strasbourg) and the seat of several EU institutions, notably the Court of Justice of the European Union, the highest judicial authority. 


Luxembourg's culture, people, and languages are highly intertwined with its French and German neighbours; while Luxembourgish is the only national language of the Luxembourgish people and of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, French is the only language for legislation, and all three – Luxembourgish, French and German – are used for administrative matters in the country. 

With an area of 2,586 square kilometers, Luxembourg is Europe's seventh-smallest country and a little over 660,000 it one of the least-populated countries in Europe, albeit with the highest population growth rate. Foreigners account for nearly half the population.

Embassy of Luxembourg

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Why Choose Luxembourg?

Strong Economy

Luxembourg's strong economy and low public debt make it one of the world's top 20 most competitive nations.

Academic Excellence

The University of Luxembourg, with its multilingual and research-oriented approach, is globally recognized, offering various programs.

Preferred destination for international students

With 49% of international students, the University of Luxembourg is ranked among the top 250 universities as per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024.

Education System

Research Focus

The University of Luxembourg collaborates with European institutions and the financial sector, offering bachelor's and master's programs, including trilingual and English-taught ones.


Financial Aid

Luxembourg offers international scholarships, including opportunities for Indian students, ensuring quality education.

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Embassy of Luxembourg, 84, Jor Bagh, New Delhi-110003, India

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