Why Virtual

EHEVF 2022 - Virtually Unmissable!

Unlike most Higher Education Expos, EHEVF 2022 will be a virtual fair and the virtual dimension of this EU initiative brings with it some very distinct advantages for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of attending the EHEVF 2022 is its affordability. Gone are the skyrocketing costs of travel, venue and set-up costs. Instead potential international students, researchers and academics and European HEI representatives are given the opportunity to interact ‘on-line’ from home or from their office.

Another major benefit of EHEVF 2022 is its impressive reach. For European HEIs the potential outreach of this event is the whole of India and South Asia – as opposed to a real world fair which might typically attract a few thousand visitors from a handful of cities in India or the South Asian region. Whereas students and other visitors can anticipate a wider European platform of participating HEIs, largely thanks to low costs and wide reach. 

The virtual nature of EHEVF 2022 will result in the ancillary benefit of improved data exchange. Contact details of participants are collected at registration and HEIs are able to undertake more useful statistics and detailed measurements of visitor behaviour. Whereas visitors can search for courses, HEIs, and county information, and even book a seat at a live webinar session for a specific course at a specific HEI.

EHEVF 2022 will be built to last - and unlike a physical fair which may run for a few days, the EHEVF 2022 web portal will continue long after the live portion of this virtual event is closed. In signing up for EHEVF 2022, HEIs are effectively becoming a partner in a long-term virtual platform which will inform Indian and South Asian students about what Europe has to offer as a higher education destination; whilst increasingly tech-aware Indian or South Asian students, researchers, or academics will have an exclusive information source on European Higher Education at their fingertips – both literally and virtually!