Aalborg University

Year of establishment: 1974

At Aalborg University, we believe that knowledge can and must change the world. Our search for knowledge is always in concert with the wider world, engaging with real problems and missions to achieve sustainable solutions. These missions are the driving force behind our work.

Aalborg Ø (Denmark)

9220, Aalborg University, Fredrik Bajers Vej 7K, Aalborg Ø, Denmark

Tel. 4599409940


Study at Aalborg University in Denmark, Scandinavia

Here is why you should study at Aalborg University:
In October 2022, Aalborg University was ranked as the best engineering university in Europe, for the sixth consecutive year, while ranked 5th worldwide. This is despite being the youngest university in Denmark, established in 1974.
As a student at AAU, you will acquire knowledge and competences by way of AAU’s unique study method “The Aalborg Model for Problem Based Learning (PBL)”, which is both nationally and internationally recognized. We have bachelor's degree programmes, master's degree programmes and exchange programmes.
Besides PBL, Aalborg University differs from other universities on various other parameters as well. For example, AAU collaborates with companies and public institutions. Therefore, you, as an AAU student, can work closely with collaborators in national and international companies and public institutions to solve real life issues. This paves the way for AAU-students to acquire full-time jobs once they graduate.
The mandatory group work and PBL at AAU combined, equips you well for the labour market where skills in cooperation are high in demand. At the same time, group work also entails an important academic and social dimension. All these factors combined, will make you, as a proud AAU-graduate, unique and highly scouted by employers.
Besides the academic aspect of Aalborg University, there is also the social aspect, in which AAU is investing great efforts into. At Aalborg University, you will have the joy and benefit from having countless social activity offers at your disposal, created by AAU’s primary student union “Studentersamfundet” (The Student Community).
Studentersamfundet is in charge of the creation and planning of events, parties, sports activities, academic activities, networking activities between national and international students but also networking between students and companies and many other things. In total, there are 31 social sub-unions, 11 political sub-unions, and 28 academic sub-unions. At Aalborg University, we are motivated and work hard each day to give you, our future international student, the best possible time, with excellent academic teaching, social activities and the remedies to acquire a full-time job as soon as you graduate.
Take a look at this Youtube-video, which will convey the reasons for studying at AAU: Study at Aalborg University in Denmark, Scandinavia - YouTube