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University of Genoa

Year of establishment: 1481

The University of Genoa (Università di Genova) is one of the largest public universities in Italy. Located in Liguria on the Italian Riviera in the north of Italy, is organized in several independent campuses located in Genoa, Savona, Imperia, La Spezia.

Genoa (Italy)

16126, University of Genoa, Via Balbi, 5, Genoa, Italy

Tel. 003901020991


Welcome to University of Genoa

UniGe is one of the oldest of the large European universities. Organized into 5 Schools and 22 Departments, as well as in 1 Excellence Center and 2 focused scientific research centers, it features more than 280 educational paths distributed in the campuses of Genoa, Imperia, Savona, and La Spezia. Students can attend one of the 129 study programs, out of which 17 are instructed in English, also including double degrees with other universities worldwide. They can also take advantage of more than 45 postgraduate schools, 25 first and second level masters, and 29 PhD courses. Furthermore, students can take advantage of the availability of the Genoa City Library system, whereby city and university libraries have been merged to guarantee a seamless access to all stored knowledge. Located at the heart of a superb city, UniGe is one of the most renowned comprehensive, multidisciplinary, public university in Italy, with peaks of excellence in several scientific, technological, and cultural domains.                                                                                           

UniGe is officially recognized as one of the leading universities in all matters related to the blue economy, with more than 400 worldwide experts in the sea habitat and sustainable exploitation. As a comprehensive university, research activities span various scientific, technological, and cultural branches. This is done in strong synergy with important local, national and international research institutions, world-renowned hospitals, and the results of research activities are exploited via a sustained interaction with the Industry, leading to the establishment of startup companies span out from research activities and the filling of international patents. Developing cultural exchanges and international cooperation is one of the main objectives of UniGe. Accelerating the transition towards a global, cosmopolite university environment is carried out via academic cooperation activities, EU-backed programs, strategic partnerships, and double/joint degrees. This is done via the establishment of important networks and cooperation channels.                                                 

UniGe is partner of the European Universities Alliance Ulysseus, recognized and funded by the European Commission to design and prototype the universities of the Europe of the future. UniGe is above all its Faculty, composed of more than 1300 researchers and professors, its administrative and technical staff, amounting up to 1200 members, and above all of its more than 34.000 students, 10% of which are international.