Universita IULM

Year of establishment: 1968

Universita' IULM is the center of excellence in Italy for training in Media Studies, Strategic Communication, Interpreting, Tourism Management and Cultural Industries.

Milano (Italy)

20148, Universita IULM, Via Carlo Bo 1, Milano, Italy

Tel. 3902891412818


Universita' IULM trains professionals on the challenges to grasp the opportunities emerging from international markets. IULM guarantees its students deep cultural awareness and a solid university education - a mix of theory and practice. 6 Bachelor's, 7 MSc's, +30 one-year Master's. 7000 students. According to an independent survey (Almalaurea), the high employment rate for our graduates is 10 points above the national average. We offer several programmes in English in the field of Communication, Hospitality, Sales and Marketing.