University of Padua

Year of establishment: 1222

As a research-intensive and multidisciplinary institution, the University of Padua offers over 197 undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, 50 of which are taught completely in English. Our students can select from a comprehensive portfolio ranging from Engineering to Business and Political Sciences, from Medicine to Humanities, from Psychology to Agriculture, from Law to Science. A growing number of international projects and networks, along with a significant presence within our Faculty of visiting scholars from outstanding institutions worldwide, tops off the offer. 

Padua (Italy)

35131 , University of Padua, Lungargine del Piovego, 1 , Padua, Italy

Tel. +390498276831

The University of Padua is a world-leading research-intensive university that has been driving global change since its foundation in 1222. Loyal to its motto Universa Universis Patavina Libertas (Paduan freedom is universal for everyone), it has always been a bastion of free thought, study and research. During eight centuries, students, researchers and alumni have provided key contributions to the advancement of knowledge, science and society: Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei are among the fathers of modern science, Andreas Vesalius and William Harvey founded modern Medicine and Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia became the world’s first woman to graduate in 1678. The University of Padua is today a multidisciplinary institution with 8 Schools and 32 Departments offering a broad and comprehensive portfolio of programmes, ranging from Engineering to Business and Political Sciences, from Medicine to Humanities, from Psychology to Agriculture, from Law to Science.The 4 Departments of the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine are located in the Agripolis campus, less than 10km far from downtown Padua. Other research and teaching facilities are situated in various towns of the Veneto region, such as Vicenza, Treviso, Rovigo, Chioggia-Venice etc. Students benefit from world-class educational institution and enjoy an exciting student life in Padua, where they build long-lasting relationships and grow personally, academically and professionally. Graduates are global citizens that succeed in all professional fields and bring their expertise and dedication to excellence into the world. A degree from the University of Padua is recognised as a prestigious achievement in the labour market worldwide.The University is also the scientific and cultural heart of Italy’s industrious North-East, providing highly specialised training for the area’s 5-million-plus residents and its 400,000-plus companies, a role made possible by its extensive network of campuses located across the Veneto region.