Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Year of establishment: 1945

Wrocław University of Science and Technology based in Poland is a public university which  was established in 1945.

Education is offered at 13 faculties on Bachelor and Master level and, additionally, in 12 research disciplines on doctoral level.

Wroclaw (Poland)

50-370, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27, Wroclaw, Poland

Tel. 48713203719, 48 713204163


Wrocław University of Science and Technology is a public university which  was established in 1945.
We are a member of the European University Association and the European Society for Engineering Education as well as of Unite! and T.I.M.E. networks.
Our mission is to maintain and develop the competencies related to the culture of experiment. These competences created the modern civilisation, condition its existence, and constitute the main factors of development. In a time when experiments are replaced by procedures and appearances count more than facts, this mission is fundamental.
Inside, we focus the activity and creativity of employees and students alike, enabling them to fulfil a wide range of life aspirations. We are a place where technical, scientific, and civilisation-related issues are brought to light, discussed, and solved. We are a structure based on trust and responding firmly to the violation of trust.
The most important thing about every university is the people. There are currently almost 24 thousand students and almost 800 doctoral students pursuing their degree programmes under the supervision of nearly 2200 academic teachers at WUST’s 13 faculties and three branches. 
Students can choose from about 60 different fields of study under the first and second cycle degree programmes, many of which are delivered in English. Studies at the Doctoral School are tuition-free. We maintain contacts with several teaching and research institutions around the world to ensure programmes allowing the obtainment of double degrees.
Thanks to our innovative research, we have been a leader in innovation for years, and in this respect, we rank top in the reports of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland with 6 036 registered inventions, including utility models.
In recent years, we have funneled several hundred million PLN to the purchase of research instrumentation, machinery, and apparatus.
Every year, we sign further cooperation agreements with domestic and foreign companies, as well as scientific and local government units. The university’s closest business partners include Volvo, Nokia, Microsoft, IBM, KGHM, LG, and Credit Suisse.
We have cooperation agreements with European universities, on both American continents, in Asia, Africa, and even Australia.
Academic staff from Wrocław University of Science and Technology work closely with researchers from all over the world.  The result of these activities is 500 jointly developed papers published every year.
Our students are a group of exceptionally active and creative young people. Operating in over 200 scientific circles, organisations, and culture-dedicated sections. Thanks to their international projects, they travel around the world. The Student Formula racing car has been successful in several international competitions, as are the robots constructed by the KoNaR robotics circle, the Martian rover Scorpio, or the unmanned aircraft developed by the Academic Aviation Club.