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The pursuit of higher education is an investment for life. Countries in European Union, with their diverse and intriguing range of regions, cities, cultures and languages, provide a rare and wonderful opportunity for both professional and personal development for students along with internationally acclaimed academic qualifications.

European Higher Education Virtual Fair 2019 offers students in India a unique opportunity to interact directly with universities in Europe to learn and explore opportunities for an excellent and affordable higher education. You can attend these webinars directly from the comfort of your home. In addition, this website offers details about the educational environment in each of the 28 European Union Member States along with the detailed information on over 50 Subject specialties offered at more than 170 universities in Europe.


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About EHEVF 2016

European Higher Education Virtual Fair, India and South Asia - 2016

Following on from the highly successful EHEVF 2015, the Delegation of the European Union to India, in collaboration with EU Member States, is proud to present the European Higher Education Virtual Fair 2016.