Europe is one of the best regions to study Anthropology – the exploration of humankind and human society, from the physical evolution of the human body and brain, through to the political, cultural and linguistic practices of modern societies. The UK's University College London (UCL), rated in the QS World University Rankings 2016, sums up the diversity of the subject by describing anthropology as, “The most scientific of the humanities, the most humanistic of the sciences.” EHEVF 2016 India and South Asia participant Bristol University, has a strong international reputation and offers innovative, flexible programmes in anthropology and archaeology  taking a “four-field” approach that includes research and teaching in archaeology, and social, biological, and linguistic anthropology. This is the only University in the UK to offer such a range. Another participant which focuses on such programmes is Leiden University, which makes the QS 2016 World Top 50.

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