Hospitality, event management and tourism

Hospitality management is one of the most important gateways to the labour market, and this is of particular importance to young people who are well represented in this employment sector. European Higher Education Institutions are well known for offering a wide variety of high quality options in the Hospitality, Event Management and Tourism sector. According to The Guardian's University Guide 2016, the best place in the UK to study this subject is the University of Surrey, followed closely by the University of Coventry(2). The University of Derby, ranked 5th, is also well respected designs its courses to give the student the specific skills and experience employers require in a real world setting. In continetnal Europe, theTop 3 ranked institutions on are NHTV Breda University and CAH Vilentum University of Applied Science, both in the Netherlands, and the School of Tourism and Hospitality - The Ostelea Barcelona, in Spain.

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